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Swati Souls - Artist (Wall Murals, Canvas Painting, Thikri Art)

Swati has done my education in commerce and pursued MBA.

Each individual is blessed with an extraordinary gift. If we refuse to acknowledge it and pass ourselves a s ordinary that’s injustice to our humanness. My mother refused to give up on me. And her faith held me strongly. I soon released I am gifted. I have been perpetually creative.I tried finding a word for it since we adopt identities. What is my identity?

An artist it is! but can we ever define an artist. Defining is confining. I have always been multi-passionate. My art has been a mirror to that.  I began with wall art, continued with murals, canvas and it was Thikri which piqued my interest. The journey has been eventful though.It’s difficult, exhausting for a woman to establish herself. Because she is now a woman artist.

I had to doubly prove myself to the world that I am capable and that I belong. Having an eye and skill for an art was just not enough. I never had support of my family but I did find some exceptional people on my way who have lend their guidance. However, I have noticed that it can only take you so far. its only your grit which can help you go miles. The world will make sure that you crumble. Being an artist is just not enough for them. On the top of it, people categorize you into a certain stereotyped role which can become suffocating and tiring.

I wanted to come out of all of that. It’s a challenge for a woman to manage a team and get the work done. The major roadblock is the societal conditioning. I would arrive at my work site and everyone would expect a man beside me. For its so comfortable to take instructions. After all you ‘follow a man’s command!’. It’s the mindset against which you stand and fight, often alone! This mindset is that she is competent but a man can make this brand exceptional. I refuse to give into this mindset. Offcousre the struggle continues. But I have found my solace in so many stories that women have shared with me. It’s the same with every woman. which means we are in this together. And for the narrative to change the culture has to reflect that, which begins with all of us.

Amidst all this its mostly my clients and their feedback which keeps me going. With each artwork I customize for my clients, the bar has only risen higher. Every art piece is intricately designed with my utter focus, attention and energy on it. So, each moment I receive the words of gratitude from my clients its immensely inspiring. My eyes always swell with tears of joy. For a moment all the personal hardships become blur. Nothing can compare to their beautiful smiles when the art reaches them its magnanimous. That’s the thing about art, its prolific and philosophical. The sparkle, the colors, the texture, the feel of the strokes on a canvas, the smoothness of a paintbrush- it’s all a  different kind of rush! A rush which I recommend every individual to experience at least once in their lifetime. I am also currently working on a project which will soon be displayed at a reputed art gallery. The art has a knack to take you deeper, to dive into this journey of life with courage and love. sky is the limit and I have always loved to fly. I aspire to continue on this journey and be pleasantly surprised at very milestone. Breaking one stereotype at a time.