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Night Life in jaipur at 100% rock

People who are awestruck about energetic nightlife of pink city should visit the various pubs and bars placed at diverse spots of Jaipur. The Bars & pubs in Jaipur are some of the most cheerful destinations in the city. All the bars & pubs along with their astounding neon lights liven up to charm the night-time of the city. Lively DJ’s at the night clubs whip up both domestic and international blend to provide a musical treat. You can relaxed relax on the couch and tap your feet to your favorite songs while sipping your favorite drink.

You can observe people of dissimilar age groups here who are dressed up in fashionable and modish apparels who enjoy liveliness of these bars and pubs. Visiting the pubs and bars in Pink city are great ways to have an outlook of Jaipur’s real nightlife.
Out of some popular night clubs in Pink city 100% rock is one of them:

100% rock is a themed on rock theme & subtly-bedecked night club. Contrasting to other night clubs, the customers at 100% rock appear to be a bit more matured and grown up.

This place has an inflexible “couples-only

Naveen Acharya

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