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Life during lockdown: From Dr.KR Yadav

Dr Kaluram Yadav ,BDS,MDS
Assistant professor at Rajasthan dental college jaipur
Dentist at KR’s Dental Care -vaishali nagar


Introduction:  Jaipur’s one of the most renowned and respected dental surgeon, Dr K.R. Yadav. His clinic, K.R. Dental Care, is highly frequented by the satisfied patients as it is well equipped and a one stop solution for all the dental problems. Dr. K.R. Yadav has achieved a lot of recognition by winning a few awards. In 2016, he received “Best Paper presentation award” in 21st IAPHD National conference held at Bhubaneswar,In 2017 wherehe received “Outstanding Dentist” award by Indian Dental Association (IDA), Jaipur. Dr. K.R. Yadav is loved for his kind-heartedness. He is known for running many activities like free treatment for NGO’s, old age homes and Orphanages. He has also organized many free dentalcheck-ups& treatments camps for people living in slum. He is also the great creator of “Smile” which is most important to being introduced in society.


I, like most people, had not been living life as much or as grand as I planned out to live it. As I grew up, I, without realizing thought about the future a lot, planning it, preparing for it and when not doing so just thinking about it. I did not even realize the time that I was thinking about had not even come yet, that it was still far away, and in my worries, I was losing out on the present. Think about it the present is the only thing we are most in control of, yet most of us just let it pass us by.

Its amazing to me that it took a crisis such as this pandemic for me to realize something so basic, it gave us a break from this ever-moving, never-stopping world, forced us to introspect and really think about the present. Whether this break is a welcome or unwelcome gift is entirely up to us.
I hope it makes us, who are in the dark, realize that present is the only thing we really have. Past that is gone is no longer in our hands and the future that has not yet come in just beyond our reach.

Doctors are working really hard to protect this present for us and themselves, and their hard work should not be overlooked. During these trying times doctors are not only following their duty of treating and protecting their patients but also protecting their own families from this highly infectious disease. I am making it a point to maintain proper hygiene at home and trying to boost my family’s along with my own immunity.

“I share a common space with my family so I want to make sure that I do not pass on any infections via touch.”

Proper hand hygiene is of the utmost importance at this time. My clothes are washed separately and put into the washer as soon as I come home giving it minimal chance to have a contact with any of my loved ones.

I try to help my patients whenever they are in need as duty comes first for me. If they have pain, I try to help on call by prescribing proper medication. If they don’t get the relief I don’t waver to run to their aid for their betterment. I also try to provide some food, with proper sanitization of course, to the needy when I am not busy with my medical duties.

Last but not the least, I also take utmost care of my own health, as I believe that I’ll be able to help many more people if I remain healthy as well as take care of my own family.
To achieve that I have incorporated yoga into my life, nowadays my mornings don’t start without it. Yoga along with a healthier diet are making me feel better as the days go on. These along with more frequent walks to get more fresh air have breathed a new life into me.

Aaj Ka Jaipur

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