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Life during lockdown: From Actor & Model Rishee Miglani

Rishee Miglani

Actor , Model and Youth Icon

Brand Ambassador- Fashion Connect 


Introduction : Rishee Miglani is truly a scintillant star from Jaipur who is shining in television and modeling industry. The model turned actor initiated his hunt with some popular TV commercials for Pantaloon’s, Mc Donalds, Tata and Rexona, where his chiseled and ravishing appearance gave him the popularity. Next, he happened to be a part of the reality show on MTV called, Making the Cut. 

Never imagined something like this would ever happen..the other day I read Russia has an atom bomb that can bring tsunami.. See how, science and technology has advanced so much but only for devastation, not for saving lives those who are really in need. How sad it is that we can’t even make a vaccine for a virus.

I can’t even say it was good being home for 2 months, spending time with family, Cooking, watching movies, doing video calls and working out from home. Anyone who says lockdown or this pandemic was good because it brought us together and all that sort of stuff, is wrong (in my view).

How can anything be good, when lacs of people died, how can anything be good, when thousands of people are sick, how can anything be good when people are sleeping without food and water.

Businesses have fallen so much which no one imagined. Well, there’s nothing good that happened during lockdown but let’s wake up now, and  be more cautious than ever and keeping ourselves and our family’s safe.

India should learn a lesson that there should not be spitting on roads, we should be sanitizing our hands multiple times should become a part of life. Not coughing or sneezing on someone’s face. Basic mannerisms and etiquette is what this will/should teach everyone.

Aaj Ka Jaipur

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