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Jaipur Junction New Avtar as Like Airport

Jaipur Junction Makeover Like an Airport | Aaj ka Jaipur

Jaipur Junction Aaj ka Jaipur

As Per the Culture of the city Jaipur The NWR is Converting the Railway Junction of Jaipur as Like as Airport and Give to him a Good Cultural view. After promoting local art at various railway stations in NWR, the lighting and illumination at Jaipur junction have been given a major improvement by railways now. High quality LED lights have been installed at various points at Jaipur junction and it’s now giving the feel of illumination like Jaipur Airport.

Jaipur Junction Makeover | Aaj ka Jaipur

As per the instructions by railway board, standards were set up regarding high-level illumination at 35 stations across the Indian Railways and these had to be completed by February end. However, Jaipur division completed this work by January 13 itself. Apart from Jaipur, in this list of 35 stations, there is a name of Ajmer station too.

Aaj ka Jaipur

In all these stations, the railway board had decided some set standards regarding illumination of lighting at main places like concourse hall, platform, waiting hall, reservation office, parking space, escalators etc. Keeping these standards in mind, now the Jaipur junction station has done the work which is now reflecting when one goes to railway station during night time. A week back, a 100-feet long national flag has also been installed at the railway station and in the last few days, there is a complete change in the look of the station. Jaipur station has been continuously being beautified in recent years and it achieved the second position in the cleanliness survey report 2018.

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