Aaj Ka Jaipur

Jaipur Heritage Site Declared By UNESCO

Amber Fort

In the 16th Century, a fort was built by Maan Singh the King of Riyasat Amer later known as Jaipur located in little far from Jaipur City. Amber Fort Is the first Royal Palace Rajput Royal Family in Amer Riyasat.

Architectural Beauty of the Amber Fort

Hall of Public Audience: Diwan-e-Aam or Hall of the public audience is a large hall that stands from the support of two rows of pillars. Each pillar is ornamented. The hall is open on three sides. The king used to sit in the hall and listen to the queries of common men. This hall is famous for its mosaic glassworks. Kings also used to meet important ministers and guests in this hall.

 Sukh Mandir: Sukh Niwaas or SukhMandir is a hall made with sandalwood and ivory. It is located right opposite to the Hall of the public audience. There is a small channel that runs through it that carries cold water. This is an ancient method of keeping the place cool. Though the term ‘Mandir’ is used in the name, this is not a temple. It is a hall where kings and queens relax. The name can be translated as the residence of pleasure.

Sheesh Mahal: Sheesh Mahal or the Mirror Palace is the most beautiful part of this fort. This palace has been shown in many local movies. The walls and the ceilings in this palace are carved with beautiful flowers and other paintings made with glass. A queen of the fort used to love sleeping under the stars. It is said that the ancient custom of the land did not allow women to sleep in the open air. King called upon the finest architects in the region to solve the problem. Thus, the mirror palace was built. It is said that if two candles are lit in the palace, it would look like thousands of stars glittering in the ceiling.

Kesar Kyaari: Mughal Gardens have a beauty that cannot be tallied by simple gardens that you see around the country. This part is located on Maota Lake. This garden is located in front of the fort. The garden is formed in a star shape. It is said that saffron flowers were planted in the garden. Now, climatic conditions do not allow the saffron plant to thrive in Jaipur. You can find beautiful flowering plants in the garden now.

Light Show: The light show takes place every evening. The show focuses on the history of Jaipur and the fort. It shows ancient anecdotes of the place, sovereigns, and others. The show runs for 50 minutes and is run in both Hindi and English

Naveen Acharya

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