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Audition for Elite Miss Rajasthan 2019

First Audition for Elite Miss Rajasthan 2019

The largest and most renowned beauty pageant of Rajasthan, Elite Miss Rajasthan 2019 returned with a grand 6th instalment of its run. The first state audition for the pageant has been arranged for at Hotel Hilton, on 14th June, 2019. Almost 900 girls have registered till now to take part in this free beauty contest.

To give more insights on the elusive preparations of the event, a programme was organized in Hotel Hilton of Hawa Mahal Sadak, on Tuesday, 11 July 2019. The directors of Elite Miss Rajasthan, Vaneesh Chugh, Ajit Soni, Ravi Jhanwar, Anil Bhattar and NBS Rathore took the opportunity to launch the poster of Elite Miss Rajasthan 2019. In this programme, previous winners of Elite Miss Rajasthan beauty pageant like Arshina Sambhal, Rubal Shekhawat and Navnidhi Singh were present, along with  J. D. Maheshwari from SGM Outdoor.

Top 25 contestants who reach the finale will take part in an afforestation drive –

In this program, the director of Elite Miss Rajasthan, Vaneesh Chugh said that just like all the previous editions of the show, they will try hard to select personalities and faces which give a global repute to Rajasthan.

Free registrations for the show began on 2nd May and till date, a huge upturn of 900 responses have been registered. Every year, girls from the big cities of the state take part, but this year, the enthusiasm is very high even in participants from rural areas. Many girls have registered from the comparatively smaller areas of Bundi, Rajsamand, Shekhawati, Jhunjhnu, and Pali.

There will be four stages of audition whereby center like Jodhpur and Udaipur has been chosen for Auditions as well. Top 25 contestants selected across the state from all the stages will thereafter be given a grooming session. The session will be conducted in Atharva Resort of the city and famous fashion specialists and pageant holders will be preparing the girls for a tough competition of the show. Keeping the concerns of lack of fresh water and diminishing forests, Elite Miss Rajasthan has incorporated a unique message with the fashion show, this year. The major attraction of this season will be that all top 25 contestants will plant 10 trees each as a part of their ecological contribution. The grand finale of the show has been organized on 22nd July 2019.

Naveen Acharya

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