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Dr. Poonam Madan

Academician, Femme d'affaires & Social Influencer

Dr. Poonam Madan is an educationist by academics, an entrepreneur and a business woman by choice and a social influencer by Passion. Her story is one of determination, passion and hard work. She is the one who has grown from being a traditional housewife to becoming a force to reckon with in the diverse fields Education, Healthcare and Philanthropy.  She stands tall with firm convictions, boundless ideas and a positive attitude.
How did you begin your journey?


She embarked her journey as an entrepreneur by entering into Pharmaceutical business. She is the Owner and Founder of Pristine Global Healthcare which deals with medicinal formulations, prescriptive drugs, over the counter products, health drinks, multivitamin supplements etc. Pristine Global Healthcare is   aligned towards strengthening health care and medical facilities in Rural India by making affordable quality medical products and services accessible to rural communities.

Since when have you been working? 

She got married at a young age of 18, just after passing her school. She pursued her higher education after marriage, did her graduation, bagged an MBA and also earned a Ph.D. degree in Management. Being just a housewife for the first ten years of her marriage, she kick started her career as an educationist and worked across various institutions. Dr. Poonam Madan is also presently connected with IIS deemed to be University Jaipur as an Associate Professor and Head, Department of Advertising and Brand Management. She has an experience of over 20 years in the field of Management education. She is a passionate learner and her core values are learning and excellence. She is an avid writer, researcher and speaker. She has written 50 research papers for academic journals and authored a book on Business Communication as well as presented several papers in various seminars and national and international conferences. Nine Research Scholars have completed their Ph.D. Doctoral Research under her supervision.  She has received Certificates of Appreciation for two consecutive years for her initiatives in the field of Research. She conducts sessions on Personality Development, Communication & Soft Skills, Marketing and Strategy. 

She is a social activist & an influencer, who is actively connected with various women forums and associations with the purpose of  working  and  contributing towards social cause. She had also been an executive committee member of FICCI-FLO Jaipur Chapter, Campus Coordinator for CII Yi- Yuva Club and an active member of CII-IWN. She is the Joint Secretary of FORTI- Women Wing,   Vice President of Rotary Club of Jaipur Gurukul, Permanent Jury Member of Womennovator Virtual Incubatian and also a member of All Ladies League & Indian Commerce Association. 

She has been Brand Ambassador Shubh Food & Lifestyle Awards and Brand Endorser for Joshilawatan News Channel. She is an expert panellist with various digital media & TV channels and speaks on various contemporary issues. She also hosts  her interview based talk show 'Aawaz Aapki with Dr. Poonam Madan' on a digital channel. She is a versatile personality who is also a Fashion Icon   and has got a glamorous quotient in her persona. She is well-connected  with fashion faternity and official sponsor of various fashion events organised in Jaipur.

She is a social entrepreneur who is philanthropic by nature.  She is truly a woman of substance who is relentlessly working towards changing lives and upliftment of underprivileged girls and women empowerment.

Awards and Achievements
She has been the recipient of an award for strategic contribution towards academic excellence. She  got a Savitri  Bai  Phule  Jyoti Rao National Award for her work in the field of Education in the Public Figure Awards and Summit on National Education Day 2020. She is being featured amongst Top 15 Leaders for Change 2020.  She has also been awarded as one of The Ten Most Powerful People of Rajasthan 2020. Her biography has been published in the Golden Book of the Earth featuring her as one of the 100 Most Inspiring People on the Earth. She has been awarded the Jaipur Icon Award 2020 and the Inspiring Super Women Award 2021. She has also been featured in Super Women Fashion Calendar 2021. She is a recipient of Cultural National Award  2021 and Republic India Honor 2021.  She has also received 94.3 My FM Legend Award 2021 by Danik Bhaskar Group.

She was felicitated by Traffic Welfare and Road Safety Foundation for her outstanding contribution in Social Service & Awareness Against Pandemic Covid-19 and got National Corona Warrior Award 2021. She has also been felicitated jointly by Dream World Production & Police Commissionrate, Jaipur for her initiatives for Women Empowerment on National Women’s Day, 13 February, 2021. 
She has  received Social Media Influencer Award 2021, Naaritvaa Social Influencer Award 2021, The Women Entrepreneurship Council Award, 2021 and Narayani Samman 2021. She recently received Jaipur Mirror Young Achievers Award, 2022. She h
She is the recipient of    Utkrisht Mahila Samman, 2022 by Riwayat Foundation and JW Rajasthan Women Achievers Award 2022. Awarded as an ‘Agent of Change’ - Woman of Substance Award, 2022 on 8th March,2022 in the Social Influencer Category by First India. Also received First India Luxury Lifestyle Award as Best Social Influencer at Dubai on 10th March 2022.
3. What challenges you faced to reach where you are today?
She says “Life is like a roller coaster. It has its own  ups and downs. But it’s your choice to scream or enjoy the ride. She always has the attitude of gratitude.  Life does pose many challenges but you need to overcome them by the right attitude.

4. What motivates you to keep going?
A positive state of mind is what motivates you to excel in whatever you do in your life.
She feels the motivation to develop and grow at individual level and 
 the motivation to see changes in other people’s life at the holistic level.

5. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now.
Look forward  to  spreading the wings of her pharmaceutical business and expanding it globally. Diversification and foray into new businesses is on the  cards. Also  giving back to the society is on the  agenda, by focusing more on skilling and educating girls initiatives.

6. Stress reliever 
Stress seems to be part of everyone’s life.  When handled correctly stress can be contained, minimized and conquered. It’s very important to schedule frequent breaks for self-care and taking time out for friends and family in order to keep stress at bay. Being in nature and outdoor recreations are big stress reliever for her.

7.Success mantra
Hard work and hardcore fun
 She says “I don’t have a mantra for success but I can certainly say I strongly believe in  ‘Work hard and party harder’ and at the same don’t forget  to workout.” 
Learning and Excellence are two key words in her life. She always prioritise learning on a day to day basis and strive hard to achieve excellence in whatever she does in her life.
She has firm conviction in  this quote - “Those who dream the most do the most” 

9. Your connection with your siblings
The bond you share with your siblings is an irreplaceable one and life is amazing with them always.  They know how to brighten up your day when you are feeling low. 

Being the eldest amongst four sisters put you in unique position. You are always expected to set the perfect example for every kid in the family. Though you get to dominate your siblings and you have an upper hand. But this privilege comes at a price. You are expected to be ‘the ideal child’ the responsible one. So this actually helps you in becoming more responsible and instilling the leadership skills from the very beginning.

11. Message for youth
Embrace risks and also take things in your stride but don’t just run for money or success.
 Believe in this verse from the Bhagavad Gita 
“Karmanye Vadhikaraste, Ma phaleshou kada chana”

12. How you spend your typical day.
Habits are just one way you can cultivate success. 
Every day comprises of varied and extensive routines from work to attending events and parties. Being an early bird,  she has a structured morning routine which includes meditation, yoga and exercise schedule.  No matter how busy her day is,  she always makes time and space for self-reflection.

13.What obstacles did you face whether they are social, economic, etc. how did you overcome them.
Early marriage is often assumed an obstacle in a woman’s career. But in her case it has been  a different story. Her in-laws family supported her unconditionally in all  the steps she took  towards success in diverse fronts. There is a very old and famous saying, “behind every successful man, there stands a woman” But  Dr. Poonam Madan prefers to introduce a different spectrum to the whole concept that “There’s A Man Behind Every Successful Woman” and she gives   all the credit of her success to  her husband Mr. Sanjay Madan. She always says “whatever I am today, I owe it to my husband. My husband is the reason behind me being success and yes today I can proudly say, that there’s a man behind every successful woman.”

14. How you manage social life with your personal life and professional life.

As you get older, your professional and personal responsibilities both grow -sometimes too quickly and at the same time your social network also tend to increase many fold. Maintaining a strong work-life balance is critical to keeping yourself happy and productive. Managing your time and energy effectively is the key to success.