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Aaj ka Jaipur, MARCH - 2022

Rising Star Deepika Singh

All of Us are surrounded by Bone Disease, but not many of us carry the passion of rising above them to follow our Dreams,Modelling, although might sound like it shimmering occupation but bring outh the various challenges. AAJ KA JAIPUR in an exclusive conversation with Deepika Singh, Healing from Bissau Jhunjhunu district Rajasthan.

Deepika Shared, My Father work as a supervisor in a construction company and my mother is in house maker. it wasn't expected out of me to pursue a career in modelling. But i always knew, since i was a little that i always wanted to be a model.

Deepika shifted to jaipur as she pursue MBA mean while she was in search of her breakthrough into the world of Modelling. She auditioned for several companies and she was selected by them for the further phot shoots which gave her a boost of confidence. She shared, 'pretty recently i was a part of a commercial suit for home appliance brand. When my parents saw the hoarding and a newspaper advertisement for the samne,they  felt proud of what i had achieved for the very first time. They have been supportive evers once. I believe it is important to prove that you are capable of doing something before achieve their confidence. I have loved my journey so far, i will continue to grow.